LoadPass Permits
Since 1986, the Western Dakota Energy Association has operated the Uniform County Permit program, known today as the LoadPass Permit System. It is an online system automating the process for request, review, payment and issuance of permits for over-weight or over-sized vehicles on county and township roads.


Up until 2010, the permit program was managed in a Microsoft Access application and several Excel spreadsheets. The self-issued permit information was entered, and reports were produced for the companies and counties to submit and receive payments respectively.

As the Bakken boomed, permit volume grew to about 2,000 per month and became unmanageable in the system. DAWA developed a web-based system that today processes over 10,000 permits per month, automates the permitting review and approval process, captures payment by ACH or credit card methods, and distributes funds to the appropriate entities.

Permit Management and Routing System

In 2010, DAWA developed a web-based application to manage the LoadPass permit system that has evolved over the past decade to meet many needs of counties and industry. In fiscal year 2018-19, the system processed 106,895 permits and distributed $22,558,085 to the impacted counties.

Permit Management and Payment Processing

Companies use the system to request permits that are submitted to each appropriate county for review and approval. Upon approval, an e-permit is issued by the system and available for download or email distribution. System features and functions include:
Automated routing between companies and counties
GIS map-based route selection
Credit card and ACH payment storage and processing
Reconciliation and Utilization reports

Restricted Road Maps and Notification System

The LoadPass platform also provides updated road restriction announcements from counties and associated maps to industry. Companies and individuals can subscribe to receive road restriction notifications via email or text. In March 2020, 566,320 messages were emailed to 10,110 subscribers and over 52,000 texts were sent to 3,892 subscribers.

    "I don't know how we would have handled the volume of activity we have today without this system. DAWA created calm out of chaos and made us so much more productive.

    Janet Sanford

    Permit Operator at LoadPass Permits