Basin Concrete Trucking & Rental
Basin Concrete, Inc was established in 1979 with two mobile concrete units cementing wells for production and plug and abandonment. BCI began renting equipment to the oilfield in 1999 and a year later sold the concrete units and replaced them with semi-trucks and flatbed trailers. Since then, the company has grown to become a leading provider of trucking and rental services in the Williston Basin and Wyoming.


As Basin Concrete experienced accelerated growth with activity in the Bakken, the company engaged DAWA in 2008 to develop a software system to manage the rental activity, field ticketing and invoicing processes. DAWA developed a custom software system that helped scale the business through explosive growth over the next decade. The system continues to evolve with new functionality including enhanced dispatching, purchase order management, maintenance management, and more.

BCI System

The BCI System is a custom-built, web-based software application that allows Basin Concrete to best manage and scale their business. The application automates the business processes from the customer request for service to dispatching, work and equipment tracking to invoicing and submission for payment. It also manages supporting business processes such as purchase orders and maintenance management and integrates with other third-party software systems.


    • Work Order Management
    • Dispatching: Work Assignment and Job Packets
    • Dispatch Boards

    Dispatchers create work orders, define work assignments, assign equipment, drivers and operators, and dispatch work all within the system. Maps, permits and other supporting documentation are also captured. Instantly updated digital displays replaced traditional whiteboards in the dispatch office.


    Rental Management

    • Equipment and Asset Management
    • Location Tracking
    • Rental Billing

    Always knowing where the equipment is and that everything is getting billed correctly is a comfort to everyone from the rental coordinator and CFO to the general manager and the customer. The BCI system efficiently manages, tracks and bills all rental equipment for superior customer service, accurate billing, and scalable growth.


    Ticketing and Invoicing

    • Field Ticketing
    • Ticket Processing and Tracking
    • Invoicing and Accounting System Integration

    Office admins can ticket work activity, route for signatures, automatically invoice through accounting integration and submit to Oildex/OpenInvoice without duplicate data entry.