Lee Suess
Lee Suess is an experienced accounting and business consulting firm in Williston offering a thoughtful advisory relationship to business and individual clients.


In the course of their careers, the principals of Lee Suess have utilized both packaged platforms and custom software solutions in the management and operation of an accounting practice. Knowing and choosing the benefits of custom software, the firm hired DAWA to develop a custom software solution to best manage their firm.

puLSe - Client and Project Management System

DAWA created a custom software system referred to as puLSe to manage client information, project details and workflow, time tracking, payroll, and billing functions. A custom system can better track information and manage a business’ proprietary workflow than a one-size-fits-all platform with limited and cumbersome configuration options.

    Client and Project Management

    • Client Information Management
    • Project Details
    • Process Workflow: Assignments and Tracking
    • Time Tracking by Projects and Activities
    • Payroll Reports

    The puLSe system contains all client and project related information. The process workflow helps to automate and track a project from beginning to end including all work steps and to whom they are assigned. The system includes time tracking and budgeting, and provides reports for payroll as well as project job costing.

    Billing and Accounting Integration

    • Periodic and Project Billing
    • WIP Reports
    • Accounting System Integration

    puLSe provides a comprehensive billing system to create client invoices based on work in progress (WIP) time tracking. The billing system is integrated with the firm’s accounting software to reduce duplicate data entry. Project summary and WIP reports provide management the information they need to review and manage the business.