First State Bank & Trust
First State Bank & Trust is a local, community-owned bank serving Williston, Ray, and Crosby, North Dakota. They are focused on growing relationships with their customers and serving the residents and businesses in and around the communities of their North Dakota locations.


First National Bank & Trust Company changed its name to First State Bank & Trust on January 1, 2020.  The new name came with the decision to change from a national charter to a state charter. We worked closely with the team at FSBT through the entire name change rollout.

Logo and Corporate Identity

Once the name change was determined, the first order of business was to create a new brand for the bank. To differentiate between the old and new, we decided on a color palette with a bright green that evokes the feeling of new growth and a cool gray to compliment the branch’s slate facade exterior and interior décor. We paired an abstract letterform icon with an italicized font emphasizing the bank’s direction toward the future. The resulting logo is bold, modern, and visually striking.


We worked closely with the team at FSBT to design new signs for the exterior of their buildings with the updated logo. The number of branches and varied locations of the signs required rounds of positioning the logo elements to fit the space requirements and still maintain the integrity of the brand. After that we created a set of promotional banners and marketing signage including roll-up banners, a teardrop flag, yard signs and poster for the drive-thru display.

Website Redesign

Not only did the website need to have the name and logo changed but the design was old and outdated, so we decided to overhaul it. We kept some of our favorite features from the original site, such as the employee rotation on the homepage, increased the size of the feature image, and made the account login collapsible so as to be easily accessible but not too intrusive. The new site is fully responsive and easily updated through our content management system.

Brand Launch

We worked closely with the team at FSBT to develop a marketing and communication plan to create widespread awareness to launch the name change and rebranding. We utilized their primary communication channels such as the old website, statement inserts and the Facebook page to notify customers. We also utilized traditional marketing channels, professional association programs, display ads, print materials and a PR campaign to create buzz and get the word out. Open houses were scheduled at the branch locations, but those plans were waylaid by the COVID pandemic.

In working with DAWA, I appreciate their organized, informative and helpful approach. They listened to us, took our input along with their experience, and guided us through the process in a way we would not have been able to accomplish on our own.

Heidi Guetzkow

Human Resources & Marketing Officer at First State Bank & Trust