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posted on 13 August 2019
DAWA 20th Anniversary - Come Celebrate with Us
We cordially invite you to our 20th Anniversary celebration. Nearly a year ago, we recognized we would be marking the twentieth anniversary of DAWA Solutions Group in the fall of 2019. Since then, we have made plans for a celebration and spent considerable time in reflection as we have reviewed our client history, inventoried past projects, and gathered photography to create history banners and an anniversary booklet.
posted on 11 July 2018
BOPSS Named 2017 Tourism Event of the Year
On July 10, 2018, the Williston Convention and Visitor Bureau announced the Bakken Oil Product & Service Show as the winner of the 2017 Tourism Event of the Year at their Annual Meeting and Appreciation Luncheon.
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posted on 14 May 2018
MarComm Program – Make it Happen
Do you think professional sports team managers make decisions on what players to start by personality? Of course they don’t. Coaches train the players, run drills, and assess their skills. Every team wants to win so they make sure they have the players that can effectively execute the plays and they track the stats to make sure they are.
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posted on 23 April 2018
MarComm Program - Content Matters
For the third installment in our Marketing and Communication (MarComm) Program column series, we get to the meat and potatoes of the process. All the research and planning finally culminates in the content development and management stage.
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posted on 2 April 2018
MarComm Program – Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan
When it comes to building a house, you don’t start with pouring a foundation, erecting walls and then start thinking about where to put the kitchen, bedrooms and other features. The process begins when the draftsman lays out all those details and results in the creation of a home plan complete with construction drawings that guide the construction of the house.
posted on 5 March 2018
4 Steps To Improve Your Integrated Marketing Communication Plan
For many small business owners and managers, marketing is one of those things you do once in awhile when sales dip or an account manager from a marketing or media channel calls on you. This leads to an inconsistent or shotgun approach and the results are less effective than a well-planned and integrated marketing program.
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posted on 5 February 2018
Oil Retakes Top Spot in State GDP as Bakken Economy Rebounds
“How are things going?” is a common conversation starter and “Things are looking up” or “We’re getting busy” have been common responses over the past year in the Williston Basin. That optimism has been substantiated by the latest data releases from state and federal regulators and agencies.
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posted on 15 January 2018
FlowCore Systems - Williston Manufacturing Company, a Reprise
Oil and gas activity in the Williston Basin over the last decade has brought about an economic boom with the creation of thousands of high-paying jobs and hundreds of new companies. Through it all, there is an underlying desire to see a diversification of the economy with the creation of primary sector businesses such as manufacturers.