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About The Company

DAWA Solutions Group is a business consulting and professional services firm that helps people do business better. Our team is passionate about the work they do and the impact they have on our client’s businesses and lives.

Since 2002, DAWA has provided application and web development, graphic design, marketing, and strategic consulting services to over 150 companies and organizations in western North Dakota from small and medium-sized businesses to city and county governments and membership groups and associations. DAWA has worked with companies in financial services, healthcare, agriculture, manufacturing, oil and gas services, real estate development, consumer services, construction, investment and many more.

Simply put, DAWA has a deeper and wider understanding of the market in western North Dakota and the Bakken region than any other company.

Our Team

“We are small, but we are mighty.”

Things are always interesting in western North Dakota. Like so many of our clients, we have seen dramatic activity, growth, changes, and challenges over the past decade. Having started as a one-man-shop, DAWA has grown slowly by recruiting and retaining great people.

Many can’t believe the size of our staff and all that we accomplish. It all begins with a focus on the needs of the market and our clients. The secret is our team of highly talented individuals with diverse skill sets, heavy workloads, friendly faces, positive attitudes and a common desire to help our clients succeed. Allow us to familiarize you with our entire staff.

Kayla Stamp
Office Administrator

The newest addition to our team, Kayla, is a Williston native and she perfectly completed our crew in March 2016. She keeps us all organized and on-task while she tests websites, answers phones, writes content, shuffles paper, proofreads, and multi-tasks about a million other things. Another Harry Potter fanatic, Kayla loves to travel, cook, and can most likely be found volunteering with the local community theatre when she's not bringing order to chaos.

Kevin Penner

A computer programmer by training, trade and temperament, Kevin has been developing website and web applications for DAWA since 2007.  With over 20 years of programming experience, he has seen programming languages and platforms come and go but has never lost the thrill of making the computer do cool and useful things. When he finds time that is not taken up with work, church, and family, he enjoys puzzles, reading, and music.

Tiffany Smith
Graphic Designer

Creative and talented, Tiffany has been with us since 2010. She works hard to make sure our clients love the look of their final product. A native North Dakotan with southern heritage, she has since abandoned us to live and work from her home office in Louisiana where she moved to be closer to family. In her spare time she loves to cook, read, explore the world, and decorate her first home.

David Penner

David joined our crew in March of 2012 after earning his engineering degree at John Brown University in Arkansas. He loves using technology to create amazing web applications that make our clients’ work more productive and efficient. In his spare time, he likes to volunteer at church, tinker with electronics, or play MineCraft™.


Erica MacDiarmid
Event Production & Marketing Manager

As an event marketing specialist with almost 20 years of experience, she enjoys developing new opportunities to produce programs and events that will deliver real results. Her enthusiasm and passion for event planning and project management overflows into her personal life where she has been known to schedule “spontaneity” time.  Talk about the ultimate multi-tasker, catch her during her spare time you’ll find her baking or reading the latest Daniel Silva book – often at the same time!

TeamJeff.png        Jeff Zarling

Everyone pretty much knows Jeff. If not, you haven’t been doing business in Williston for very long. He is zealous about getting to know anyone operating or wanting to operate in the area and getting them connected. Around here we know him as the “idea man”, “problem solver”, “go-getter” or simply “the boss”. Jeff keeps us busy with his numerous ventures, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. His passion is what keeps us all going.

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Mission, Vision and Values

mission-vision-values-graphic.pngOUR MISSION

Our mission is to help people do business better.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build a team of passionate professionals who take great pride in delivering exceptional value to our clients.

Our Values

Our values were not created by sitting down one day trying to come up with something to put on paper and hang on the wall. This collection is a reflection of the ideals and principles that have developed over time and guided our company for the past fifteen years. While we make mistakes and don’t always get it right, we are quick to recognize our shortcomings and strive to make it right.


Our clients tell us our passion is contagious and invigorating. People who are passionate about what they do deliver exceptional results and have fun doing it.

Creating Value

Our decisions are based on the first and foremost focus of creating value.  We are dedicated to creating value for our clients, our community and our company.


Our team is comprised of professionals who have a demonstrable aptitude and an attitude that matches our core values.

Core Competencies

DAWA develops and maintains several core competencies:
  • Business Development & Marketing Expertise
  • Project Management & Process Improvement
  • Creative Graphic Design
  • Web Development and Programming
We apply these competencies in many ways to deliver a variety of services and create value for our clients. We also partner with others to provide additional services to clients.


  • We say what we do and do what we say
  • We communicate clearly and often
  • When we are unable to meet a commitment, we communicate as soon as possible.

Problem Resolution

  • Take ownership of the problem
  • Address the immediate need
  • Identify and solve the underlying problem
  • Prevent the problem from reoccurring.


Our clients trust us to:
  • Be the subject matter experts in our core competencies
  • Look out for their best interests
  • Keep their confidences


We place high value on relationships and seek to develop and maintain relationships that are mutually beneficial. We also seek relationships that provide the opportunity to grow together.
Company History

The business was started by Jeff Zarling in 1999 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with a single customer and a commitment to client success. His background included computer programming and website development as a consultant for clients such as Pillsbury, Northwest Airlines, and Imation and as an employee of Graco in Minneapolis.

He leveraged that experience along with a network of graphic designers to design and develop effective website solutions for a variety of small business clients.  The business was moved to Williston in 2002 to be close to family and to experience the quality of life offered in this small, Midwestern town.

The company has sustained steady growth ever since, including the addition of employees and services. DAWA now employs a staff of graphic design, computer programming and other professionals to meet client requirements. Services have also expanded to meet the growing needs of clients and the explosive economic activity of western North Dakota and the Bakken region.

We are blessed to be able to do the work we love, in the town we enjoy, with clients we appreciate, anywhere in the country.



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Visit Us   : 115 - 2nd Ave W, Williston ND 58801

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